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Penguin Emperor and Aqualine Buschke co2 reactor

Two questions.  I just purchased a used 75 gal with some accessories 
which included the Penquin Emperor filter with biowheels.  The aspect 
that concerns me is the way the water is forced across the top of the 
tank water when it exits the filter.  It drops down from the wheels, then 
hits a ledge which send it horizontally across the top of the tank at 
water level.  Is that going to deplete any CO2 I have injected?  How 
about the biowheels themselves--will all that agitation disperse the CO2?

Secondly, does anyone have any experience with Aqualine Bushcke's CO2 
reactor?  I was planning on doing a home yeast gizmo at least at first, 
but when I saw this advertised for $25.00 the picture made it look like 
you could feed the CO2 tube from the yeast into this reactor which sends 
the bubble in an upward spiral giving it a travel contact of 1.45 meters. 
Has anyone done this, or have they seen one up close and could tell me if 
I could rig it this way.


Bob Sumner
Virginia Beach