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Cooling Fans

I posted this article yesterday:


Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me. My hood is only 2" tall so I have to go
with a 12/24vdc fan (ac fans are at least 2.5" square). I've visited a couple
of mail order electronics pages and I'm having some trouble with the technical
aspects of choosing a fan. First of all, what does "C. F. M." stand for and
what are its implications. Second, is there a noticable difference between 27
dB and 33 dB. Third, does "current" refer to electric current or to wind
current produced by the fan. Fourth, either "they" don't make fan guards for
fans smaller than 2"x2" or the mail order houses have decided it isn't
profitable to sell them and, as such, don't. Does anyone know where I can get
small fan guards and are they really necessary for safety's sake? Lastly does
anyone have any particular preferences among teeny tiny fans. Thanks a bunch
to everyone.