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> I've recently heard two things and would like verification and the like:
> 1.  Flying fox = Siamese Algae Eater--it took me two months to figure
> out that SAE as Siam....
> Colin Anderson

Depending on how you meant that question, the answer is either Yes or

As one fish store employee scribbles "flying fox" on the side of a tank,
an employee at a fish store on the other side of town, who just bought
from the same supplier, may be scribbling "siamese algae eater" on
another tank of the same fish.  They're both used to label any of a
variety of species of algae eaters, which all look quite similar.  

However, if you meant to ask "is my flying fox the same as the SAE's you
keep talking about?" then you're asking an entirely different question. 
The crew on this list is very particular about using SAE to refer only
to "true SAE", crossoheilus siamensis.

There's a great site somewhere, that has an entire chart of the
differences among the various similar species, how many barbels, where
are the stripes, how aggressive are they, what types of algae will they
eat, etc., and a picture of each.  There's a link in the archives... is
it on the AGA site?  I'm too lazy to look it up.  A quick search on
yahoo produced this site, though, which is useful to begin with:


I've got what I "think" is epalzeorhychus kalopterus.  No complaints, he
munches all sorts of algae and generally gets along with everyone in the
tank (although he and the yo yo loach occasionally chase each other

Alysoun McLaughlin