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Re: Re: potassium

>Hello Luca,

>> I know exactly what is inside T. Amano product ... it's simply 	
>> potassium carbonate (K2CO3) that you can buy cheaply in some 	
>> chemical store. You can also use KHCO3 (potassium bicarbonate) which 
>> I prefer cuz it causes less pH swing.
>> I hope it can help.

>It's interesting... Which analytical method did you use to prove the
>absence of other stuff? Did you assay K2CO3 at ~100%?
I cannot prove the absence of anything! I can only prove the presence of
what I analytically read with my instruments.

It's not K2CO3 at 100%, and I'm pretty sure that there are no any other
carbonates but there is Ca and Mg. I don't know which are the negative ions
associated because I didn't make any test on those, even if I suppose that
there should be CaSO4 and MgSO4 cuz in my tank the level of SO4-- ions is
pretty high and I've never add any.

And some chelator specific for clorine should be present as well. 


Luca Specchio