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Cheap Cooling Fans

I just bought a 2 Lamp 55w (110w altogether) Compact Fluorescent Retrofit Kit
for a 29 gallon planted acrylic tank. I glued it into my hood with super glue
and voila. An hour later I noticed that the sheet of acrilyc that one screws
onto the hood to keep water out had bowed considerably. I checked the water
temperature and it was 83 degrees F!!! Luckily the fish didn't seem to mind
too much and there wasn't any damage to the actual aquarium. I unplugged the
lights as soon as I realized what was happening.

I could just get a sheet of glass to replace the sheet of acrylic, but I'd
still have 83 degree water. Chillers are three hundred buck and up, way too
expensive for this college kid. Pet Warehouse sells a cooling fan kit for 50
bucks. That's 50 bucks for the fan (nothin' fancy either), two pieces of
plastic ("finger guards"), and a foam filter (a sponge). I'm not a poor guy or
anything, but that's like throwing your money at the wind. I mean how much
could the cheapo wiring in the fan possibly cost, and the finger guards cost
ten bucks a piece... for plastic. You can by a real (big) fan to cool a whole
room for under ten bucks.

Anyways, does anyone know where I can get a tiny 4"x4" fan and two finger
guards cheaply (around twenty five dollars). Maybe at the Home Depot or a
electronics store or some other pet mail order houses? Please e-mail me with
your suggestions and with *any* other solutions to my dilemma. Thanks.

Buy the way, what are <g>, and laterite? My guess is that the former is a
mouth and a tongue and the latter is a fancy word for clay.