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More on Tank Leveling:Styrofoam

In a message dated 10/16/98 12:50:38 AM Pacific Daylight Time, Aquatic-Plants-
Owner at actwin_com writes:

<< I recently bought a simple ten-gallon stand.  When I got it home, I noticed
 that the bottom shelf was not properly aligned.  I returned immediately to
 Petsmart, and was offered a cheerful exchange.  After testing a tank on both
 shelves of all twelve stands in the store, I found only one of them to be
 properly built.  This stand was a major brand of good repute.  Just a word of
 warning.  Can anyone here say for sure that the styrofoam thing really helps?
 Bob Dixon
Bob, the styro aid works (groan) only to a small degree. I think all will be
in agreement to state that if a tank actually "rocks" on its intended base
when placed there sans water et al, it is unworthy, unlikely to be suitable.
The styro (or other crushable material) only helps in marginal uneven (non
level, non planar) circumstances.  My ongoing advice, stands must be strong,
level, planar and braced for lateral movement (bumping, quakes...). The level
and planar parts are best checked with a suitable level (carpenters or other
on a good standard like a "true" two by) AND a "bioassay" of placing a thin
film of water in the bottom to ascertain "rocking" and unevenness... Sheesh,
what a topic, but important.
Bob Fenner