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My lace plant came back!

After a 2-3 month dormancy, my Madagascar lace plant is sending up new
leaves!  This is my first attempt with this plant, so I'm pretty pumped
to see it come out of dormancy okay.  I had left the tuber in place, as
I did not want to uproot all the surrounding plants. 

Tank parameters:  90 gallons, pH 7.0, 15 ppm CO2, PMDD, 80 F, KH 6, DH
8, 160 W NO flourescent, 12/12.  I use a soil/vermiculite substrate, and
my soil comes from central Texas--it's highly calcareous.  Fizzes like
mad w/HCl.  So far, I haven't found a plant (40+ species) that doesn't
thrive under these conditions.