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Re: Large sword to swap

I have a LARGE sword plant that has just gotten to big for my tank. I have
no idea what it is other than a Sword. Augie gave me several and he might
know? It has decided to start sending leaves to the surface and at present
there are 9 leaves above the surface in my lights. The plant is about 24-26
inches tall and 18 in dia. I would like to make a swap with someone that has
an open top tank or can just handle this monster! I keep trimming it back
but it keeps putting on more.

I don't have anything in particular in mind but I really don't want any stem
plants. Common and ordinary plants would be OK just so long as I don't have
them. Here are a few I all ready have. Java fern, cambo, foxtail, well I
forget what else. Just let me know and the one with the most interesting
offer gets it!

Kudzu at airnet_net
Jeff <*\\><