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Re:yeast for CO2

J. Miller wrote,
>I was reading a recent message which refered to the yeast
>method in an overflow filter for supplying CO2 to a tank.
>Can anyone give some info on how to set this up as it 
>sound less expensive than buying a CO2 machine.

>Thanks for the help.

I've always found that people on this list were very willing to share
information, but before you ask people to give you information, you
really should make some effort to find the information on you own.  A
simple search of this list using CO2 and Yeast will yield a large
number of hits. I tried an Alta Vista search using co2 and yeast and
aquarium and got over 200 hits. Read a little about the the method and
then come back with specific questions and you will find people on the
list very willing to answer them. 

Jim Spencer
Sayre, PA

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