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Re:Keeping Riccia fluitans down

> From: Cbbgthdr at aol_com
> Subject: Keeping Riccia fluitans down

> I've tried searching the archives for the article that explains how to keep
> Riccia fluitans down by sandwiching it in between two layers of Java moss and
> can't seem to find it. I've looked uner "riccia," "riccia fluitans," and
> "riccia fluitans and java moss." It would help me out a great deal if someone
> out there could explain to me the specifics of the technique and give me some
> basic directions. Thanks a lot in advance for the sea of replies I know I'll
> get:)

The method suggested to us, is to use black hairnet and wrap 2 or 3
layers over the riccia. Preferably on a rock, it will grow through but
will not attach itself to the rock like Java Moss.
It is a floating plant. I also likes current.
Ric Cooney, N3BRB
rcooney at bcpl_net
Aquatic Gardeners Association
Baltimore, MD  USA