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Re: Aquarium leveling problem!

Kelly Beard writes:

> I guess I could move the tank elsewhere, but I'm afraid that wherever
>  I move it I'm going to have this problem.  In between then, I'd like
>  some suggestions on how some of you may have solved this problem.

I once got some of those adjusting screws from the bottom of two old washers,
complete with about two inches af metal all the way around.  Then I made a
wooden platform with an angle iron base.  I attached the adjusters to the anle
iron, and voila!.  It was a little ugly at the bottom, but hey! It worked.

If I were to do it again I think I would buy some 3/4 or 1" bolts and matching
nuts, and also a tap.  Thread one hole in each corner of the metal base,
install the screws with the heads  down, and the nuts between the heads and
the angle iron.  Get it adjusted using a standard level and then bring the
nuts up against the underside of the angle iron frame.  Set the tank stand on
the base, and you're set.

In a recent project I was involved with at work, the engineer found that a
standard 1"-14 thread would take approcimately 3,000 lbs of pressure before it
stripped.  Divide the 750-800 lbs of your setup over 4 screws, and there is a
way fine margin of safety.

This thing would require a little welding, but if you don't have the gear, a
shop should be able to do it for an hour's labor or less.  I would also get it
powder-coated or paint it with rustoleum.

Bob Dixon