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Tank Leveling

In a message dated 10/13/98 1:05:33 PM Pacific Daylight Time, Aquatic-Plants-
Owner at actwin_com writes:

<< 've picked out a spot for my 75 gallon.  The tank has a wooden stand
 which has created a problem I didn't forsee.  The house I live in is
 probably quite old and has wooden floors.  The floors are warped
 enough that the stand won't sit level on the floor, and the house is
 probably tilted too.  Last night I thought I'd be creative and go to
 Home Depot and see what I could find.  I just happened across a
 package of wood shims that are used when installing a door.  I tried
 these shims in vain to get the tank level.
 I guess I could move the tank elsewhere, but I'm afraid that wherever
 I move it I'm going to have this problem.  In between then, I'd like
 some suggestions on how some of you may have solved this problem.
Hey Kelly, try leveling the entire base (with the added bonus of distributing
some of the weight of the whole contraption) by shimming up a suitable size
piece of plywood of a good 5/8" or better thickness. Use a carpenters level
all away the top and kitty corner on the top of your tank (w/o water in it) to
make sure it's all level and planar ahead of filling.
From the land of shaky ground period (CA),
Bob Fenner