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Re: Aquarium leveling problem!


I would think a lot of us have this problem.  I've got a metal stand
on my 45 gal., so I can fix it merely by getting the four metal legs level.

Instead of adjusting the entire base, try finding the main vertical support 
columns in the stand and make sure those are leveled with wide squares of
wood.  This will depend on your stand.  Maybe you can attach screw legs.

Carlos E. Munoz 
<cmunoz at crystal_cirrus.com>

>>>>> Kelly Beard <kbeard at comdata_com> (here: "KB"),
>>>>> on Tue, 13 Oct 1998 13:05:32 GMT,
>>>>> pondered the meaning of life, then wrote down:

    KB> I've picked out a spot for my 75 gallon.  The tank has a wooden stand
    KB> which has created a problem I didn't forsee.  The house I live in is
    KB> probably quite old and has wooden floors.  The floors are warped
    KB> enough that the stand won't sit level on the floor...