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riccia fluitans

This is directed to the gentleman who was seeking information on the 
riccia sp. but did not get any responses.  
I don't know anything about the riccia sp. that you mentioned at first.  
Riccia fluitans however is available from at least one mail order 
source, http://www.azgardens.com (Arizona Aquatics) and yes I've noticed 
it is fairly difficult to find too.
There is also a source of information on how to tie it down.  I don't 
have the exact address, but maybe someone else can help.  I believe I 
saw the article on a site operated by a "khwess".  I believe this 
gentleman posts here as well.  The address is unavailable to me at this 


PS what are the particulars of that other type of riccia?  Is it 
supposed to be a rooted variety?

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