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funky algae bloom

I have recently had an algae outbreak in my tank of a type I've never
seen before.  It is darkish green, almost olive drab in color, and
looks quite a bit like jellyfish tissue.  It clings to the leaves of
the plants, especially those with finer leaves, like rotala wallachi. 
I'm wondering if it could be related to excessive iron levels, as I
overdosed the tank a few weeks ago, a little bit before the bloom
started.  Anyone have any ideas on what it is or how to get rid of it?
 I'm not sure exactly what my tank stats are right now, but I tend to
have fairly high levels of phosphate in my tap water and have been
really good about doing regular water changes lately, and am wondering
if the jump in phosphate levels could have something to do with it,
too.  I tend to have virtually zero nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia,
as the tank is very heavily planted and I have lots of light.  Thanks
in advance for any help.

Justin Collins
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