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I just want to remind everyone that any email you send to the list from an
address other than the one you used when you subscribed will *not* make it
to the list.   All "non-subscriber" email is bounced; if you're sending
from a different address, the software considers your email non-subscriber.

The APD receives approximately 25-30 non-subscribers posts per day;
probably 10-25% of them are the spam the bounce script is intended to keep
off the list.   I glance at the others but do not have time to search the
subscriber list for each and every sender (and all possible permutations of
their email addresses) to determine if the sender is subscribed.   If I
recognize the name on the post, I forward it to the list - otherwise it
goes to the trash folder.   

If you want your posts to appear in the digest, you *must* send your email
from the same address you used to subscribe.   If your posts are
consistently not showing up and you think you *are* sending from the same
address,  email me (cyn at metronet_com or APD-owner at actwin_com) and I can
check into the problem.

ObPlants:   I recall George Booth saying, in the not too distant past, that
it took a number of years (3-4?) before plants grew very well in low-tech
tanks.  I am pleased to announce that I can corroborate this.   I have a
29G show tank with UGF, 3" of fine gravel substrate, no CO2, substrate
amendment or anything else but fish, light and a splash of iron-intensive
fertilizer now and then.   The crypts and Amazon swords have always been
okay, Vallisneria wouldn't grow and the Java fern grew very well.   Last
summer, after being set up for ~4 years, the crypts and swords literally
exploded with growth.   The swords are deep green, put on a couple of
leaves a week and are going to have to be divided soon.   Vals are now
growing well and - most dramatically - the crypts developed much deeper red
color, began sending out runners like crazy and shot up and reached the
surface of the water.   My previously
nicely-planted-but-nothing-spectacular Zero Tech tank looks like a jungle.
 Boy am I impressed :)



http://www.metronet.com/~cyn  in slightly cooler north central Texas

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