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Hygrophila ID

I have two plants in my 50g tank that are supposed to be
Hygrophila/Nomaphila? stricta/corymbosa? I will like to know what are
they, here is a briefly description of each one.

Plant One: Have ovate leaves that are light green. The leaves are 4 x
2.5 inches and they turn redish as they are close to the light. The stem
is somewhat redish and it develops a lot of roots in the lower part of
the plant. This plant looks a lot like the pictures in:
-Tropica web site as Hygrophila corymbosa (stricta) No.53
-Rataj, Horeman "Aquarium Plants" p. 124 as H.corymbosa
-Axelrod's "Exotic Tropical Fishes - Expanded Edition" p.226 as
H.Corymbosa (lower picture)

Plant Two: This one has lanceolate leaves that are more greener than the
other also the stem is green. The leaves are 5 x 1.5 inches. This plant
looks a lot like the pictures in:
-Barry James' "A Fishkeeper's Guide to Aquarium Plants" p.98 as
Nomaphila Stricta (also H.Corymbosa)
-Amano's "Nature Aquarium World I" p.31 upper plant and p.101 center
from the right plant
-Amano's "Nature Aquarium World III" p.209 upper right plant and p.240
midlle plant to the left. He refer it as H.stricta

It seems that the first is H.corymbosa and the second H.stricta but the
literature tends to mention them indistinctly or refer to them as the
same plant. They are planted side by side so they get the same
conditions and they look different to me.

Are they the same species or are they varieties? Does anyone know what
they are? Thank you.