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The straw that broke this camels back?

You might remember an article in APD V3 #564 in which I asked if anybody out
there could help me get my hands on some Riccia rhenana. Well, I give up. No
big deal though, I'll just have to role up my sleeves and overcome the various
challenges of keeping the floating stuff (R. fluitans) down. And I'll do it, I
will...except that I don't know how :(.

Mr. Amano seems to be able to do it with some consistency, so there's gotta be
a way. Does anyone out there know how to keep a dense carpet of R. fluitans on
the floor of a 29 gallon aquarium? Also, does anyone know of a mail order
company where I can buy some. It seems to be a little pricey. Or, if you have
some in your aquarium, I would be more than willing to pay a fair price for
some. Thanks in advance for the sea of replies I know I'll get :).