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Re: Gibberellic acid

Torci wrote:
> >Hello, I'm form PR. I'm writting because i want to know if you are
> >able to send me some information about the gibberellic acid. This is
> >going to be for the Science Fair.

From the 11th edition Merck Index:

Gibberellic Acid- C19H22O6 mol wt. 346.37
Plant hormone-promotes growth of seedlings-pK 4.0 slightly sol. in 
water, freely sol. in methanol,ethanol,acetone,aq solns of NaHCO3

Available as Potassium gibberellate (Gibrel)- White, bulky powder. pH 
of 5% soln 5.5-6.5. One gram dissolves in 20 ml water.

More than 60 gibberellins (GAs) are known of which 
gibberellin A3 (gibberellic acid) is the most important. GA3 and 
mixtures of GA4 and GA7 are available commercially. All gibberellins 
are diterpenoid acids based on the gibberellane skeleton containing 
the gibbane nucleus. 

Other than that, I don't see much else on gibberellic acid. I hope 
some of it is useful. 
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