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re: Aquatics Unlimited

Dorian McMillan <mcmilland at cofc_edu> wrote:

> I know absolutely nothing about this outfit, and would
>in fact be very interested in hearing from anyone who has
>done business with them.  I currently have only one (very large)
>SAE in my 75 gallon, but he is assisted by several Japanese

I dealt with the manager there once, I believe his name was Jim.  I also
dealt with one of the staff.  I needed to make a second call to Jim to get
a more clear understanding of their mail order policies since they are
not really a mail order shop.  My impression is they are a good LFS with
descent Web presence.

I think their prices were within reason and shipping container was good.

Regards the Japonese shrimp, are they Caridina japonica? How is your
opinion of these?

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net