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Mail order SAEs

There is a company called Aquatics Unlimited from Greenfield, WI that
advertises SAEs on their web page.  See http://bestfish.com/mailorder.html
or phone 1-414-543-2552.  I know absolutely nothing about this outfit, and
would in fact be very interested in hearing from anyone who has done
business with them.  I currently have only one (very large) SAE in my 75
gallon, but he is assisted by several Japanese shrimp.  



>Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1998 11:11:51 -0500
>From: "Wilson" <jwilson at knology_net>
>Subject: Looking for current mail order source for SAEs
>Talking to all of the pet store owners around here has "netted" me no SAEs.
>I tried a couple places in the archives that used to sell them mail order,
>but they couldn't help now.
>Does anyone know of a current mail order source for "real" Siamese algae
>eaters? Would anyone like to speculate on how many I should start up a
>densely planted 225 gallon tank with?
>Jon Wilson