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Re: ballasts and 4-conductor wire

>Date: Wed, 07 Oct 1998 17:54:34 -0400
>From: Paul Kemner <pkemner at bright_net>
>Subject: Re:Ballasts
>I have gotten ballasts locally that will run 4- 48-inch long T-8 bulbs for
>around $24, and are guaranteed for 3 years. It's not difficult to re-wire
>cheap shoplights (though I wish I could find some flexible 4-conductor wire
>to go from the shoplight to the ballast). Well worth it for the energy
>savings, and the exttended lifetime of the lamps.

4-conductor wire is used to wire trailer lights.  It's 4-color coded, so
it's easy to find which wire you need, and "zips" apart to separate the
leads.  Most hardware stores carry it in bulk and in pre-cut lengths.  It
has been awhile since I used any, but as I recall it's about 14 gauge.
Might be worth looking into.