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Re: Black Brush Algae

>From: "Wim Hanssens" <Wim.Hanssens at village_uunet.be>
>>The only thing that comes to mind is a difference in lighting on one side,
>>say caused by window light... or a local allelopathic effect of plants on
>>the side without algae.
>Makes sense, the side that faces away from the window is algae free. The
>algae-free rocks on the other side are shaded from the window and the fluo
>(Tritons, 2*18W) by the Echinodorus.So can I kill it by leaving the lights

Probably not.

>I've seen all those articles and the ones that appeared in several
>magazines, I think I know them by heart.  The only practical method seems
>to be to use copper, and this will kill my platies and probably my plants.

The copper method that I wrote about says to FIRST remove the fish....
treat the tank for 10 days.. maintain CU++ at 0.5 ppm.... do 100% water
change... replace fish. Assuming you have an alternative place to keep the
fish for 10 days, the CU treatment will not kill them.

>Still, one day I might scoop out some platies and my false SAE and put a
>couple real ones (if I can get any) in there.

If you get the real SAE's, you can put them in with the other fishes. As
other people have suggested, don't feed the fishes for a week or 2 to train
them to start eating the algae.  BTW, I recommended Cu before I knew about
SAE's. Now, SAE's is my first recommendation. Cu is my last resort.