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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #561

> From: Beverly Erlebacher <bae at cs_toronto.edu>
> Subject: Re: ballasts

> Sounds like they just aren't making them there tar ballasts the way 
> they used to in the good old days.... :-)
> In 1977 some friends got a summer job wrecking a factory and they gave
> me some ceiling fixtures that were headed for the dumpster.  I used them
> for some home built racks I used to raise garden transplants for over
> *20 years*, running 3-4 months per year.  Some of them failed a couple
> of years ago, but the rest are still going.  This is in addition to
> however long they were in the factory ceiling, which may have been
> quite a while.

Yeah, I think one must distinguish between tar ballasts in general and
"shoplight ballast".  The latter are clearly a low grade, they even say so
on the label.  They can be electronic OR tar.  I'd guess the building you
salvaged yours from had more quality control? :)

Locally (in Seattle) I've had friends pick up VHO ballasts at Boeing
Surplus.  You can use them as great doorstops if you don't have VHO

  - Erik