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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #547


In Australia, by far the best way to get bottled CO2 underway is to go
to BOC. They will rent cylinders for food grade CO2 at very modest
prices. The metric system for bottled gas uses an alphebetic system. The
smallest cylinder that is practicle for home use is the D size that is
6kg of gas. This cylinder will cost you about AU$54 per year and is $18
for a refill. It stands about 60cm tall and is about 20cm
in diameter. It will supply gas to a 500litre aquarium for about 6
months.It will fit inside an aquarium cupboard with normal heights.  The
E cylinder contains 15kg of gas, is 30cm in diameter and stands about
1.3m high and costs only AU$23 for a refill. The rental cost is a couple
of dollars more.

However, the F cylinder is the most cost effective without getting into
cylinders that are unmanageable to manouver. It holds 22kg of gas and
stands about 1.8m tall, 30cm diameter. It costs AU$25 to refill and will
last you about 2 years for a 500litre aquarium.

With a tank of this size, you can supply many tanks with the right
regulator setup.

BOC has outlets all round Australia (even in small country towns). BTW,
food grade is better since they usually put it into aluminium cylinders
and they are much easier to carry round. When you hire one, say that you
have a beverage setup and they won't ask you any hairy questions. I once
told them that I was using it for my aquarium and since it didn't fit
their mould of normal applications, I was there for
an hour explaining what I was doing.

> >From: BlackNet Runner <br at ldl_net>
> >1) if I purchased a 5lbs co2 tank for the 20 gallon how long would it last?
> > 2) where would I get it refilled at? weilding supply companys and the like?

BTW2, I am now using computer control for my planted tanks with amazing
results. I have found that my plants have really taken off since I have
been able to completely control the pH level. My controller keeps the
tank within 0.02pH units. It also datalogs all readings and I can print
out graphs of what my tank is doing. I have also been able to increase
the kH values enormously that also helps. The controller
also sets the temperature and controls the heating cables in the gravel,
the lighting period is also controlled. Here I set the latitude and
longitude of my location (or the location that my plants come from) and
it sets the daylight period for the time of year. Next I am going to set
it up to do automatic water changes as well.

Arithromycen really does a good job in getting rid of blue green algae!!
I got rid of mine in four days and have had no reoccurences. That was 6
weeks ago.

Regards, Marque.