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fast growing plants?

hi all

as part of my strategy to outwit bba, i have tried to stock my tank with
fast growing plants, including water sprite, hygrophila polysperma,
hornwort, and elodea.  (also some crypts, anubias, vals, temples)

i would say my (55 g) tank is heavily planted, has weekly supplementation
of trace elements, diy co2, 160 w light, moderate fish load.  i have two
oto cats, 5 tiny sae's, 1 9" pl*co, 1 3" pl*co.  (also ~dozen tetras)  i
add a heaping tsp. of acquamarine phosphate eliminator every week, when i
do my 50% water change.

the hair algae went away after i heavily planted the tank, but the bba
continues to thrive.  what other fast growing plants are out there?  also,
the water sprite does well (doesn't grow as fast as the others, but oh
well), but then one stalk (leaves and stems) will suddenly turn entirely
brown and die in a week.  this has happened regularly since i bought
the plant ~1 month ago.  what causes this?  

thanks for your feedback