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Re: New Water Filter

> Subject: Re: New Water Filter
> Adam writes:
> > I recently got a PUR water filter,  it is one of the half liter
> >  pitchers.  I was cynical when I saw this at first.  However, after
> >  putting water that comes out of the tap with a PH of 8-9 and have
> >  come out with a PH of 6.2 I have become a definate believer. 
Does any
> >  one know what is in this thing? All it says is that it contains a
> >  "pleated microfiber"

I remember testing water that been through a Brita filter (filter in a
pitcher model).  My tap water has a pH > 7.6, ~1 dGH, and ~12-14 dKH
(after going through an ion exchange water softener).  The pH went
down to something like 6.2.  I don't remember the exact number but I
remember it was a "large" change.

As for a source of RO water, our local supermarkets have drinking
water dispensers for 1 and 5 gallon containers.  The information on
the machine claims the water goes through a 20 micron filter, a carbon
filter, and a reverse osmosis unit.  The water goes for 25 cents/gal. 
I tested it and got pH ~6.2, 2-3 dKH, 2-3 dGH.
Jay Dike
Livermore, CA

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