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Re: algae on plants only

>From: Kelly <apples at midohio_net>

>I have dark green algae "spots" on many of my plants--last week it was
>just confined to one type of plant and I got no answer on how to get rid
>of it.  My tank is perfectly clear, water good, fish fine, plants
>growing--just have darl green spots on them now and I fear w/time it
>will over take all my plants.  I have flagfish and SAE's and otto's for
>algae control, but they aren't helping this stuff.  Any advice--I'd hate
>to pull them up--it would be half the tank!

For this type of algae, you need an animal with more teeth. Ancistrus or
other small loricariidae might do the trick. The mouths of your existing
algae eaters are just not equipt to handle the hard green algae. Once the
algae is undercontrol, keep an eye on the plants. Sometimes Ancistrus get
carried away and scape the leaves. A piece of wood will help satisfy their
appetite. Zuchinni or cucumber is also recommended, but they may prefer it
to the algae. Otherwise, take them out when the job is done. THis is what
Amano recommends with his shrimps which will also eat the plants when other
greens are gone. The fact that you have this type of algae is a good sign.
It means that conditions are good for growing plants. Unfortunately, it
also means that the water is rich with _all_ the needed nutrients. Try to
cut down on feeding or fertilizing for a while, or alternatively, boost
lighting, Nitrogen and CO2 to help limit another nutrient. The plants will
maintain a reserve of the macronutrients, which keep it out of the water.
Instead of introducing the right algae eating animal, you can try to starve
the algae.