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couple of questions

    Well i went else where to find out the answers to my last questions as no one
seemed too helpful, but that's ok. THe guy i talked to about hole in head said
that it was caused by hexamita, however in my limited research i have read that
though hexamita is present it doesn't seem to be the cause and that it is mainly a
vitamin deficiency. I know that there are a lot of misguided aquarium books and
that the hobby is still divided about some things. Could someone give me a little
more info on this.
    Also, my aquariums are located in my living space, and i carry weird erratic
hours that last late into the night. (i'm a college student), i understand that
most fish have no eyelids and need complete darkness to sleep. how much should i
worry about this. Should i make covers like on birdcages? i always turn the lights
over the tank off but there is often a light on in the room until sometime 3 or so
in the morning.
    One more thing, i am concerned about inducing Co2 into an already established
tank. I will be using diy yeast method. SHould i worry about Ph drop. How drastic
is the drop. should i start with less Co2. Has anyone thought about using
carbonated water? club soda and the like. NOt added directly to the tank but added
by means of soda bottle and the idea that Co2 rises? I can see how this would be
impractical, the gas may fizzle out of the drink to quickly to be of any use but
it is an idea to toy with.
    Has anyone heard of solatubes? Its a neat idea for those real hard core fish
heads. I don't know about prices but I've seen companies that offer DIY kits. ITs
basically a skylight with a lens at the top that directs light from all angles
down the tube off the reflective material in the tube and through another lens
into your house. THey have lens the will focus  the incoming light as oppose to
diffusing it around the room. Anyway, in case anyone's interested the web sight is
http://www.solatube.com.au/tubsky.htm. There are all kinds of companies so look
around if anyone thinks about it.
    Sorry for the long post have a nice day. Thanks.