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Question : CO2 Outgassing (george B)

hi all .. me agian .. i just got my new tank today .. and am still 
pondering on the things i want to do with it with regards to equipment
its a 5ft long 2ft tall (by mistake) and 20 inches wide ..
shouldve been 20 inches tall by 24 inches wide ... oh well .. 
anyways my question pertains to the filtration .. i was thinking
of using a trickle filter .. overflow by means of a 1.5 inch standpipe
.. i read the article by george B .. which states that there is not
much outgassing in the trickle filter since the co2 preasure in the 
filter chamber reaches a certain equilibrium with the water .. if they
used an overflow box (prefilter) than more or less there is not much 
water "gushing" down the tube since its prolly a 1 inch hose from the 
box to the trickle filter and sump .. whereas in my case .. i would 
use a stand pipe .. and an OPEN TO TRICKLE FILTER .. 

do you guys think i would lose much CO2 with this syster .. 
Comments and suggestion even violent reactions please

La Nina is here .. its raining cats and doggies .. not to mention
the rats ...