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PMDD - Ratio of K2SO4 to KNO3

Hi All,

Still working out the dosage levels on my 65 gallon plenum tank.  The Tim
Mullins mixture recommends 2 tablespoons of K2SO4 and 1 tablespoon of KNO3 in
500 ml of water.  I am now having to dose KNO3 separately from the other
components and at a much higher volume to keep nitrates detectable.  Should I
also be dosing the K2SO4 WITH the KNO3 at the same 2:1 ratio?  I gave the tank
a jolt of K2SO4 to see if it will drive nitrates down rapidly....haven't
measured yet.  BTW, I can't get the Seachem iron test to EVER show any
trace....but the hair algae tells me I might have a surplus.  Phosphates are
nil, CO2 is keeping pH at 6.8, nitrates are at about 12 (for now) so the only
other macronutrient I can see messing with is potassium....