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Re: VHO Lighting systems

Mr. Moore-

I have an Icecap 660 pushing 2 110w VHO and 1 40w NO.  This setup has
several advantages and disadvantages.  I like the flexibility of the
Icecap ballast.  I allows me to run several different bulb sizes and
wattages (including mixes like mine) and will also power Power Compact
bulbs, should you ever decide to go that route.  The ballast is
noiseless (at least to my hearing) and runs almost cool to the touch. 
The down side of VHO is that it is less efficient than NO tubes,
although I have yet to see any difference in my power bill since I
upgraded from 1 3 foot strip and 3 13w PCs.  It produces more heat,
but that has yet to be a problem, at least where I live (20 miles
south of Canada in Washington state).  My biggest complaint is the
lack of tube selection for the systems.  I have been using URI's
daysun tubes which have fairly high blue and red peaks, rather than
being truly full spectrum.  I have recently read that Vita-Light makes
a true full spectrum VHO bulb available in VHO, and I think I am going
to give them a call.  Basically, I am quite happy with my system.  It
is allowing me to use the same ballast as I upgrade to a 100 gallon
(from 60).  Should you decide to buy an Icecap, definetly go with the
660.  The added flexibility and capacity is well worth the $20.00.

Justin Collins, from rather rainy Bellingham, WA.


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> Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1998 20:24:21 +0100
> From: "A M Moore" <andy at ascot_u-net.com>
> Subject: Good Lighting Sites
> Could someone point me to a site that will explain in some detail
the latest
> in aquatic lighting systems. I need to learn about VHO systems.
> I know quite a bit about Metal Halide & standard T8 systems - I need
to know
> the advantages of VHO.
> Tank is a 2 ft CUBE & I presently use a single Sodium (German made)
> bulb 125 Watt. How many VHO bulbs would I need to produce say 3
Watts/Gall &
> what`s the best running gear ? I hear the IceCap 660 would work well
but I
> am unsure what wattage (VHO) are available & how efficient they are.
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