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plants for unheated goldfish tank

Last night I upgraded the lights in my 20H goldfish aquarium to about 45W.  I
have elodea and hornwort growing right now, in hard water with 7 various sized
goldfish (I didn't know any better when I bougth that many) and a small
plecostamus.  After just 12 hours of brighter lights, the elodea has sprouted
a bunch of new little branches, and the hornwort has lots of red new growth.
The substrate is just plain sand; the bigger goldfish root around in the sand
like pigs, and they all love to pull leaves off of the plants.

Besides hornwort, elodea, and cabomba, LFS's here sell healthy looking anubias
and crypts and that's about all.  Wal-mart has some "mystery bulbs" (no latin
name) that look sort of like crocus bulbs, and "banana plants".

Will anubias or crypts live in hard cold water?  Last year, the temperature
dropped down in the 50's at night in the winter.  It won't be quite so cold
this year because the lights will warm the water a little during the day.  I'd
like to have some kind of broadleaf plants instead of just stem plants.  Is
anything available here worth trying in my tank?  Will the g'fish destroy
them?  Should I have one of the LFS order me some Java fern?  

If I buy some crypts or anubias, should I leave them in the little pots?
Thanks for the advice.