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Endangered Mussels

	After seeing a couple of posts regarding keeping mussels (freshwater
"clams"), I thought it might be a good idea to alert prospective mussel-
keepers to the fact that it is illegal to possess them in many states.  I am
most familiar with the laws in Ohio and Indiana where it is illegal to so much
as pick up a dead shell and hold it in your hand.  This seems extreme but
probably results from the fact that endangered species (there are many) are
difficult to distinguish from more common ones.
	If anyone has kept mussels for over a year in planted aquariums, it would be
interesting to hear from you.  (Relax I'm not a "narc" <g>) They can live for
almost a year with no food so keeping them for periods less than this
indicates that they are not thriving.  I'm aware of biologists who are trying
to culture them and their success has been sporadic, so if anyone's green
water has proven to be good mussel food, there are folks out there who'd like
to know about it.

Pete Mohan