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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #551

At 03:48 PM 10/2/98 -0400, Rick Cooney wrote:
>Kelly Beard wrote:
>> I'll could buy the hood from Champion since it looks like an effective
>If you don't already have the skills and tools to build a hood, you
>might want to investigate its requirements. A Router and Table saw plus
>a piano hinge are all that it takes. The ballast can be had for about
>25-20 dollars. I have built three hoods here and learned with each. 

I will second what Rick said and add that if you go to a plastics
fabrication place you can do it with just a screwdriver and a drill.  The
downside is that plastic does nothing to suppress RFI (radio frequency
interference).   That is why I started talking about metal boxes with lamps
inside.   Now I am excited about the long CF (compact fluorescent) tubes.

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