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re: cryptocoryne leaf growth

Joe Anderson wrote:

> I currently have two varieties of Crypt. wendtii, one red and one 
> bronze, both are doing "all right" with 60watts of incandescant lighting 
> over a ten gallon tank.

This is a good setup for Crypts especially if you have some peat and
clay mixed into the substrate.

> I am planning on setting up a 29 gallon tank with MH lighting, not sure 
> yet about the lumens(?).

A 29 gallon tank is too small for MH lighting, I think. A lot of the
light will go to waste and its too intense for Crypts. MH is best for
large tanks in the 100 gallon range or up. One or two 175 watt MH
pendants over a 4' 50 gal tank is a LOT of light.

A really good way to grow Crypts, I'm told, is to grow them emersed in a
covered paludarium. This keeps the humidity in.

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