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C02 layer above water?

>It seems possible that since CO2 is heavier than air, in some cases
>CO2 (i.e., those bubbles that don't dissolve) could collect in the air
>space above the water level of the aquarium, inhibiting 02 exchange. 
>I should think that this might be a possibility in systems with poorly
>regulated CO2 (DIY?). Has anyone ever heard of this happening? 

About a year or so ago, someone on rafp was promoting the idea of
flooding the surface of an aquarium with CO2 as an injection method.
Because of its higher density, CO2 would form a layer over the surface
of the water and dissolve in, thus eliminating the need for fancy
reactors.  This person acknowledged it would effectively displace and
prevent oxygen from diffusing into the aquarium from the surface, but he
claimed enough oxygen would be generated by plants during the day to
last through the night.  Not coincidentally, that's when I stopped
participating on rafp.

A tight-fitting lid could accomplish the same thing, and yes, I believe
it has happened and has been reported here.