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Subject: The Optimum Aquarium book search

>From: Scott Freeman <sef at bellsouth_net>
>Subject: The Optimum Aquarium book search
>Because of all the hype about "The Optimum Aquarium" , I tried
>unsuccessfully to locate one (for over a year I might add).  I finally
>sent a message to the Dupla folks trying to determine if it would be
>reprinted in English again.  They assured me it was in process and might
>be available next year.  If this has been addressed recently, I
>apologize.  I have been out of town for a long time and am just up to
>the May postings.
>Thank you.

Personally, I think there is only 1 'optimum planted aquarium book' in
existance.  It is, NATURE AQUARIUM WORLD books 1 by TAKASHI AMANO.  It is
availlable from AMAZON, PET WAREHOUSE & THAT FISH PLACE.  It gives, a view
of, what is missing in the aquarium world: balance.