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Roxanne Bittman wrote:

>>1.  Change water more frequently than normal for a
>>couple of weeks. <snip>
>>2.  Add algae-eating shrimp. <snip>
>>3.  Cut back on feeding during the first two weeks of
>>Wait for hair algae to disappear.

Olga wrote:

>Right on Roxanne, especially the "wait" part. I read and hear a lot about
>peroxide and bleach etc. etc. It is all unnecessary. I am thinking
>seriously of taking photos and doing some proper documentation to prove
>that alage is overcome by patience and a balancing act. Algae isn't
>"catching" in a tank that has good algae eaters and is balanced with light
>and nutrition.

I have to agree completely.  In my experience, algae has very specific
needs.  If we were _trying_ to grow a particular species of algae, we would
probably find it quite challenging.  The ones that give us a hard time in
the aquarium are ones whose needs match the conditions in the tank. (this
can vary widely from one tank to another)  Fortunately, most higher plants
are a little more forgiving.  So we can alter conditions slightly to give
the higher plants the edge.  

Like Olga, I have introduced plants into my tanks on numerous occasions
with algae on them.  Some from other hobbyists tanks, sometimes from the
wild.  The algae dies off quickly, without any radical intervention.  As
Olga and Roxanne have both said, patience and good horticultural practices
are "all" that is necessary.  The knowledge to keep the system properly
balanced comes with time and experience.  Hopefully, patience is learned
with time and experience too, but not always ;-)

>On the weekend I removed a large Anubias from my goldfish tank. 
> I didn't plant it...just shoved it
>down near the bottom sitting on its roots. It looked pretty bad in there,
>every leaf covered with black and green algae. Next morning when the lights
>came on there it was...nice and green and perky looking with only a few
>sooty spots. 

The only thing that concerns me with this story is that the fish ate the
algae so rapidly.  It would concern me that my fish were that hungry.
Particularly those algae eaters who do not readily take to other foods.  Do
you supplement them with zucchini or something similar when you're not
asking them to do extra-curricular cleaning duty?<g>