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I have grown pennywort in my tank as a foreground plant. It does send
horizontal runners with new stems arising from that. Mine was collected in
Florida, where it is common growing emersed in low areas. The ones in my
tank never reached more than 5-8cm tall, with leaves 2-4cm in diameter,
though I was warned when I planted it that there is more than one variety
and some can grow quite large. I believe "plant from hell" is the exact
quote. The wild patch that I collected from had stems and leaves about
twice the size of what grows in the tank.

Speaking of Florida, I will be there in a couple of weeks in Melbourne and
Orlando. Any suggested aquatic points of interest (especially in the
Melbourne area)? I hope to have time to do some collecting. If anyone has a
specific want, I will try to oblige.

Did anyone else on the list get spam from an outfit called Web Energizers
<online at writersforhire_com>? The APD address was one of many in the to:
line. Death is too good for them.