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Boron, Algae, A. Gigantea

Hi folks!

I've been gone for awhile.  Funny how PhD comprehensive examinations and 
a new son can get in the way of hobbies.  Well, I won't let work 
interfere again, as for the boy. . . .

Three questions:
1.  I recently mailordered a bucket o' Plantex CSM.  I notice the 
analysis differs from what I had seen before (Mg 1.5%, Cu .1%, Fe 7%, Mn 
2%, Mo .06%, Zn .4%).  I don't think any of the differences is critical.  
However, since I start with RO water for my aquaria, I suppose the 
absence of Boron in the mix might be a problem.  Checking the archives I 
see a consensus that Boric Acid would be a good remedy.  Where do you 
get the stuff?  And how much should I include?  I'm guessing that about 
a gram per half liter of PMDD would be right--good guess?

2.  Name this alga:  It sort of looks like a light dusting of toner or a 
mist of black spraypaint on my slow-growing leaves (e.g. anubias 
barteri).  It's different, I gather, from a diatom alga in that it is 
not easily removed.  Any ideas?

3.  I bought some anubias gigantea (or so it was labelled) while on 
vacation months and months ago.  Despite my exams I have not quite 
succeeded in killing it, but it is withering away.  I can't find any 
info on this plant (must be in Baensch 3).  Does this plant prefer 
emersed growth?



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