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Advertising vs. Information

Recently Karl Schoeler kindly suggested that a thread about one of his products be taken off list because of his concerns about violating the "no advertising" policy of the APD.  Formally and officially, thank you Karl.

At the same time, I want to clarify the advertising policy.  IMO (and mine is the one that counts ;), Karl or anyone else explaining the action or properties of a product or products they sell in direct response to a question by a subscriber comes under the heading of "information."   This is completely different from, for example, Karl responding to posts asking about substrates with, "Try Substrate Gold." with perhaps even some pointers to where the product can be purchased.  

I know this is a touchy subject with a lot of subscribers and often the "is it advertising or is it information" decision is a judgment call.   We're all grown-ups here (theoretically) and we should all be able to differentiate between information and plugs for ones own product or products.   George, as another example, bangs the Dupla drum loud and hard but, because he has no commercial interest in the product, it's not advertising so there's no policy violation.  

I hope this makes even a modicum of sense.   

List Mom


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