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Re: Dupla Transformer wiring

><< THe easiest thing may be to simply cut off the european plug, buy a
>> prong american plug and rewire it.  This would cost less than $3 and you
>> would not have to tape stuff and would not have to worry about anything.

>> Rewiring the plug is very easy and takes less than 5 minutes.
>European countries use 50 HZ ( in this case it most likely doesn"t matter,
>except that the transformer is engineered to make allowances for this and
>not perform optimally) and somwhere in the neighborhood of 200 volts. 
>plugging it into an American 110 line will cause it to provide half the
>current and probably 1/4 the heat output.

The amount of power will only be a quarter of the european power, because
of ohms law.

Power = Current * Current * Resistance

So i think your better of with buying a new transformer, suited for the
american voltage level.

The 50Hz-60Hz should'nt make a big difference.
Normaly you go up in frequency to be able to make the transformer smaller.
Thats the reason the frequenz in a F-16 jet plane is 400Hz

>Someone who works with electricity professionally please comment on this
>make it official.

Is electronic engineer ok???

With many Thanks

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