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Re: Re: Dupla Transformer wiring

Mike writes:

<< THe easiest thing may be to simply cut off the european plug, buy a three
> prong american plug and rewire it.  This would cost less than $3 and you
> would not have to tape stuff and would not have to worry about anything. 
> Rewiring the plug is very easy and takes less than 5 minutes.

European countries use 50 HZ ( in this case it most likely doesn"t matter,
except that the transformer is engineered to make allowances for this and will
not perform optimally) and somwhere in the neighborhood of 200 volts.  IMHO
plugging it into an American 110 line will cause it to provide half the
current and probably 1/4 the heat output.

Someone who works with electricity professionally please comment on this to
make it official.

Bob Dixon