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No Subject

Tues May 26, Susan Romano wrote about a bad shipment of plants which 
were infested with WORMS and snails.
I had a similar outbreak of small white "worms" (not quite 1/4 inch) 
just before I set up a new tank.  I thought at first they were some kind 
of Hydra, but they were all cylindrical, no branches.  After I redid the 
tank everything seemed fine for the first few weeks.  Then I noticed 
some "WEB-LIKE-SLIME" coating much of the graavel and some of the rocks 
and plants, and more worms (though not as many as the first sighting)  I 
have since increased H2O changes and filter cleanings, as well as taken 
out some of the rocks and gravel to boil.  None of these measures seemed 
to have completely done away with the little intruders or the NASTY 
slime coating.  Tearing apart the tank again is at the bottom of my list 
of options.  I don't think the plants or the fish would appreciate 
another such upsetting experience so soon.

My parameters:  10gal tank w/ vermiculite, laterite, topsoil substrate 
covered loosely with pea sized gravel.  The tank is lightly planted and 
stocked at this point.  DIY CO2, incandesant lighting (I know, I know) 
suspended 8" above an open top tank, Tetra Brilla sponge filter (with 
way too much surface turbulence until I rig up a diffuser spray bar), Ph 
staying around 7.0 moving toward 6.8 with added Discus Buffer ( I am 
trying to condition H20 for SA dwarf cichlids while I get together all 
the plants I want).

I searched teh archives and found very little on this subject.  Most 
offer water changes or letting the fish eat the worms. 1) won't too many 
worms have an adverse effect on the fish health? 2) What about the 
SLIME?  It's sooooo ugly : (
If anyone has a solution to this problem I would be very pleased to hear 

BTW thanks for all the GREAT info over the years.  It has really helped 
me get my plants and tanks looking better.


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