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Re:Proudly Canadian!

James Purchase wrote:
>I picked up a bunch of Chroma 50's at Canadian Tire here in Toronto for
>$7.50 each (that's Canadian money folks, worth currently less than 69 cents
>U.S.). Horray! One for our side!

I must admit that is a good price. I pay $5.65 for the F32T8SPX50's and 
$6.69 for the F17T8SPX50's. Now I know that with the exchange rate thats 
$8.19 and $9.70 CDN. And also odd sizes are much higher in price. The 
tendency of many APDers to write glowingly of Grainger surprises me. I do 
deal with a local Grainger store here but only if I can't get the same  
product anywhere else. They are usually quite a bit higher in price. 

To get the best price on lights and lighting equipment, find out where 
the electrical contractors go. I also get an instant start, electronic 
ballast to drive the T8's in quad parallel for $19.00..

BTW since my mother is from Montreal I'm glad your side got one. 


Ric Cooney
Aquatic Gardeners Association
rcooney at bcpl_net