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Eheim Liquidoser

I just bought an Eheim Liquidoser. Another recent posting
had a good description of it. 

To recap, it looks like a Eheim flake food feeder, but you
fill it up with liquid fertilizer instead. The drum rotates,
and dumps a pre-measured amount of liquid into the tank.

The previous posting said that in experiments with water,
each dose is 0.7ml. In my experiments, it dosed at 0.3ml - 0.5ml.
However, when you put in a thicker fluid in, it doses at
1.0ml, which matches to what the manual says. Also, with
thicker fluid, each dose is more consistent.

It can dose up to 4 times a day, and at each time it can
dose once or twice. Thus maximum dosing is 8ml per day.

The manual says to only use Eheim fertilizer because it
is concentrated. However due to the dosing flexibility,
you should be able to use just about anything.

This is a nifty gadget for when you go on vacation.