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I really appreciate your kind and level-headed response to my problem. It's
quite obvious to me that you are a very caring individual and perhaps
you're right that this mistake was unintentional on the part of both
parties. I won't be going back to get a refund as too much time has past.
Sometimes you just have to work with the hand that your dealt I think. I've
decided that if I can't erradicate the Klingons in my tanks, I'm giving up.
This hobby is supposed to bring rest and quiet contemplation and I feel
more like a hurdle jumper. After a few years I will experiment with
substrates and do all the things I had planned on doing. Perhaps I should
be less obsessive about my hobby anyway. Everything has a reason. I also
appreciated your advice on Aponogetons. Thanks again and I'll wait to see
how the dust settles. No substrate pun intended. Good luck to you.

Susan Romano