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RE:FEED FOR NATIVE FRY ... Putting plants in pond(yesterdays post.

I would think that you would have no problem feeding Brine shrimp, wether
it be frozen or fresh.  Then you have to realize that if you are using for
feeders they are only as good of a nutrition source as the food they are
receiving.  Large mouth bass are very aggressive and have extraordinarily
large mouths.  You had better be careful to watch as your feeders might
consume your target fish L.O.L.  Also you should totally isolate and treat
for parasites.

Yesterday someone posted asking about growing some plants in their outdoor
pond. Last year I did that with some of my cuttings and my Mexican Water
Oak flowered it was kind of neat.  I did have a problem though,  In the
fall I brought some of the plants in when I tore the pond down for winter. 
I noticed that there were some new types of Algea and snails.  I live close
to a lake and my pond is frequented by birds.  That is how I figure they
got in there.  Well when I put them back in my tank The algea got a
foothold and my Discus became covered in black specks.  It seems that it
was some type of intermediate(larval) stage of parasite for the birds.  It
did not harm the fish and went away eventually on its own, but was really
unsightly.  I treated the fish for parasites and the med. did not have any
effect on the specks, It just went away in a few months.  The meds. helped
eliminate the algea though.  I really enjoyed the aquarium plants in the
pond the growth was extremely rapid and my pond has never been more clear. 
It seems that no matter how much we spend on technology we can not even
come close to natural sunlight.  Have a good day.

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