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Re: Black Brush Algae and CO2

>From: Yves Durocher <yves.durocher at nrc_ca>
>As the perfect world do not exist, I also have a serious problem with
>this post-nuclear war algae. I tried copper treatment (0.2 ppm) for two
>weeks without success. 

Although I only suggest copper as the last resort (even after the Krombholz
bleach treatment), the correct dosage is 0.5ppm Cu for 10 days. 

> I
>will soon try simazine as a last resource before giving up the hobby (am
>I kidding ?). 

Simazine will NOT kill BBA.

>Lately, I started again injecting CO2 in my tank. The growth of BBA
>immediately started again, which strongly suggest that they do feed
>efficiently on CO2.

I agree. However, CO2 injection can help the vascular plants grow faster
which will help deplete the water column of nutrients....this indirect
method can cause the BBA to decline.

Neil Frank, AGA

>Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 16:13:24 -0700
>From: "Jennifer Koopmansflyer@" <flyer at island_net>